Micro Green Fruit and Veggie Juice {Purple Juice}

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I've never been an overly ambitious juicer but have always admired the many that could maintain a juicing lifestyle.  One day I will conquer a 24 hour juice fast, for now I like to use it as a supplement.   

Since I'm fairly new to juicing, I add a wee bit of agave nectar and that tends to take the earthy edge off of the root vegetables.  Also, incorporating some fruits can naturally add some sweetness.  

Are you a juicer?  I would love to read about your favorite juicing combinations! 

My purple juice was a hodgepodge of fruits and veggies.  It's amazing how many veggies/fruits go into a glass.  3 apples, 2 pints of blueberries, a 1/2 cup of micro greens, a bundle of chard, a bundle of dandelion greens and 3 beets!  Whew! 

Juicing is the fastest way to digest all the nutrients from veggies. I eat a lot of veggies but definitely don't take in the recommended 6-8 servings, juicing makes that number much easier! 

Micro Green Fruit and Veggie Juice
Recipe created by Epicurean Mom
Yields 2-16 ounce glasses

3 beets, rinsed and sliced (if necessary)
2 pints fresh blueberries, rinsed
3 apples, sliced (if necessary)
1/2 cup arugula micro greens, rinsed
1 bundle red chard, rinsed
1 bundle dandelion greens, rinsed
A handful of spinach

Process each ingredient in the juicer.  Pour into a chilled glass, add agave nectar (if needed) and Enjoy! 


  1. Yummy and healthy....thats a great combination. Love the pictures

  2. This is beautiful Katie! I got into juicing about a year ago after I purchased a Vitamix to make the twins baby food. I started creating juices not just for them but for myself. Nothing beats fresh juice mixes and this one looks great! I love the mix of greens with the berries. This will definitely be going in my mixer very soon! :)

  3. Two days ago I started juicing, but just one drink a day. I'm trying out fruit/veggie combinations. So far, I absolutely hate kale and zucchini. Will definitely stick to them in cooked form. But I'm going to try some spinach, since I've tried them in smoothies before. I'm hoping that next week I can commit two three days of juicing. We'll see how that goes...

    1. I agree zucchini and kale are not quite my fave...spinach is always a good addition! Hopefully I'll get to juicing much more! :)

  4. The color is absolutely vibrant and makes the drink come alive. I will have to try this out!

  5. These images are stunning and I'm loving this juice. Going to vote for you right now!! Congrats.

  6. I haven't gotten into the whole juicing craze yet. I don't think I would do it as a fast, but I can see how it would be a great supplement to your diet!
    Thanks for the recipe, the color of the juice is beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful and wholesome juice. I would love to try this for myself. I bet it tastes even better than it looks!

  8. Congrats on the nomination my dear. This is one yummy juice. Pretty and healthy, can't beat that.

  9. We should drink this every day, Bill

  10. we should drink this every day, Bill

  11. I love juicing. But, I like you, can not get on board the 24 hour juicing train. I have yet to juice any veggies either. It's been plain fruit over here. I like the tip of adding agave nectar though, that's smart thinking! I love that juicing allows you to sneak in a ton of those fruits and veggies for your daily intake. Everyone should own a juicer! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'll have to give it a try! It's pretty :)

  12. Sounds so refreshing--and your pics are absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I do love to make juice and this combination sounds wonderful! I like the addition of the microgreens.

  14. I love juicing and adore your delightful combination here :)


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