Photography and Wine Tasting in the Santa Ynez Wine Country

I'm a sucker for my DSLR and bring it everywhere with me.  It could be the photographer blood in me (my father was a photographer my avocation and was a physician by vocation) or that I just love anything creative; regardless my DSLR is always at my side and I'm shooting away.

I love to find the soul of a subject.  Candid moments are truly the most intimate.

(My beautiful sister Sara)

My sister and I both inherited the photography gene from our father.  We crave, no need to photograph.

We were at a friend's engagement party the other night (post to come) and both of us were shooting away, similar to the paparazzi.

A few weekends ago my sister came for a visit to Santa Barbara.  We laughed, ate, wine tasted and (of course) photographed.

I haven't been to Sonoma or Napa but our quaint and beautiful Southern California Wine Country is pretty spectacular.  It may not have the clout of the Northern California Wine Country but it is far less congested, and has amazing photo ops.


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