DIY Fondant Pumpkins

This post is from a Themed Cupcakes post I did about a year ago but since Halloween is almost here, I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit the DIY fondant pumpkins I made!

The pumpkins are actually surprisingly easy to make! I don't have a photo tutorial but I'll try to be very detailed:

You'll need:
yellow food coloring
orange food coloring
green food coloring
leaf green food coloring
1 package fondant
pairing knife
leaf shaped presser (I got mine from Williams Sonoma)

Divide a package of pre-made or homemade fondant into 2 separate disks (one disk should be twice as large.)  Place a very slightly damp paper towel over the small disk.

Put gloves on. Using a toothpick pour a small amount of orange food coloring and yellow food coloring onto large fondant disk.  I eyeballed the amount of food coloring to find the perfect pumpkin color.  Knead fondant until soft and food coloring is incorporated evenly.

Break off small 1- 1 1/2-inch pieces of orange fondant and roll into a balls (This made about 2 dozen fondant pumpkins.)  Once you have a perfect ball carefully squash the fondant with your thumb and fore finger to form a squat ball.    Using a pairing knife draw about 6 lines around the entire fondant pumpkin, starting from the top center and going down.  Set aside.

Wash gloves thoroughly.  With the other fondant disk follow the same steps with the green food coloring, as with the orange.  Again, eyeball the color to your liking.  

Next use the leaf presser and press out the same amount of leaves as pumpkins.  For the pumpkin stem I shaped them to curve away from the leafs.

Using a toothpick poke a small hole into the tops of the pumpkins and attach the leaf and the stem.  You may need to push some of the pumpkin back into the hole to secure.

And you are done! Beautiful cute pumpkins you can top on cupcakes, cake, pies, etc...


  1. What a great post. I have never worked with fondant but I want to make pumpkins. They are super cute.

  2. I have never worked with fondant before, but it is always so pretty! These pumpkins are so cute - love the idea for fall!

  3. these look so adorable. Love your blog too.
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño

  4. They are gorgeous! Have you tried to make them out of marzipan?

  5. THESE ARE THE CUTEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN. And a lot easier to make than I would've thought. Love it :D

  6. Awww, these are so cute! Perfect for halloween :)

  7. I've never worked with fondant but I would love to try sometime. these little pumpkins are too too cute!

  8. Are you sure you are not Mother Stewart? Wow! These are absolutely magazine perfect. You go mama! :)

  9. Those are SOOO freaking cute!! Thanks for sharing this post, I can't wait to give this a try sometime!

  10. Just wanted to let you know that I am passing along The Versatile Blogger Award--Congratulations!!!

  11. So BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing...these are perfect for fall!

  12. Your fondant pumpkins are just perfect and oh so cute!!!!!!

  13. These are absolutely beautiful! Just perfect for fall! Love them!


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