Dark Cherry Yogurt Popsicles and Moving Blues

It's been about 3 days since our move and we are almost fully unpacked.  Even though we didn't move across the States and only moved a few miles away moving is always stressful, especially for us.  Since we lost our home in one of the latest Southern California wildfires (2 years ago) we've moved a whopping 5 times!  Luckily, this is our last move until our home is built.  

Most think building a house is a fun venture.  My husband and I try to make the most out of it but when there's consistent moving, 2 young kids, crazy work hours for my hubby and blog time it seems rather daunting.  Although my blog is a creative outlet for me. It gives me a way to express my feelings and be inventive.

Ideally, rebuilding would be easier if we were remodeling room by room but to make huge decisions all at once is rather overwhelming.  On the up-side in a year or less we will have our perfect self-designed fire-proof home.

With all of this moving and organizing I was able to appreciate the true beauty of 'cleaning house'.  Moving is time consuming and tedious but it's also cathartic.  It's nice to throw away box after box of everyday unwanted items that was unknowingly cluttering the entire house.

We unfortunately moved to a house that no longer has a pool but has a spectacular view of the beautiful ocean and Channel Islands. We can now really appreciate the true beauty of Southern California. 

Yesterday, while Ky was at summer camp, Lo and I took a stroll around our new yard picking flowers and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.  

Lo and I probably circled the yard a dozen times finding, picking and carrying flowers

These past few days have been hot in So. Cal, unusually hot!  We now live in the foothills, which usually tends to be at least 15 degrees hotter than the city.

I stopped by the store to find a nice cool treat for the girls, when I happened onto a sale on dark cherries.  

How could I pass that up??

I immediately thought of making dark cherry yogurt popsicles for the girls.  I've always had a weakness for yogurt pops and creamsicles.  One of my biggest memories from my childhood was orange creamsicles. There's something about the smooth, cool, creamy consistency that I adore! 

I'll definitely make these in the near future but now onto dark cherry yogurt popsicles! 

Hope you enjoy it! 

Dark Cherry Yogurt Popsicles
Recipe Adapted from Epicurean Mom

Serves 10

1 bag dark cherries
3/4 cup water 
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup greek vanilla or plain yogurt
1/4 cup honey or agave nectar

Wash and pit the cherries.  Place in a blender and blend until smooth.  

Mix the water and sugar in a small saucepan.  Simmer until reduced by 1/4.  Let cool slightly and combine with cherries.  Let cool completely.

Combine greek yogurt and honey, until well combined. 

Spoon dark cherry mixture in popsicle mold, slide the mixture side to side, and coat sides well. follow with the yogurt mixture and repeat with cherry mixture, until 3/4 full.  

Freeze for at least 6 hours.  Serve and enjoy!


  1. Oh man, right now I feel like moving would *definitely* be cathartic for me. Lately I have been feeling really overwhelmed by all my 'stuff' and I just want to clean house and get rid of it all...

    In any case, great recipe, I can't resist anything with cherries!

    Also, so cool that you moved closer to the coast with a few of channel islands - and just curious, have you been there before? Was thinking of going.

  2. Wow. I had no idea y'all lost your house in a fire. Worst nightmare :( Glad you're in the process of building a new home though, just one more move and you'll be sorted! Lovely creamsicles, they looks positively scrumptious!

  3. I know that moving all the time can really get you into downsizing and getting rid of clutter. I am glad that the worst is over and you are looking forward to having a brand new house.
    Love the popsicles, cherries are so awesome this time of year.

  4. Yes, it is soooo nice to have everything organized and get rid of clutter!

    Amanda- I haven't been to our Channel Islands but my husband has numerous times and loves it! They have fun little tours etc... Come up to Santa Barbara!! We, of course, would have to get together!! Coffee, lunch??

  5. Wow - you guys have a lot going on! Hope you and your family can continue to strive. What a great use of cherries, I am sure your girls loved it!

  6. Nice to meet you. Thought I'd wander around your blog for a bit. Love this recipe. And your pics are so gorgeous. Sorry about your house, that must be really stressful to be dealing with. Hope you enjoy this place your in until your own home is finished. Also your kids are beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful view! Your little one is darling! Great recipe :)

  8. Your photos are so beautiful and your kids are adorable.

    Ugh! Moving is horrible but as you say, cathartic. I don't envy you 5 moves in 2 years. Sounds like you have arrived home at last!

    Lovely cool healthy treat in these popsicles.

  9. Those pops look so refreshing. I love seeing treats made from fresh fruit like this...and your photos made them extra inviting. So sorry to hear about your home and the struggles of moving since. Having just completed a cross country move this last month, I can completely commiserate over the packing and unpacking!


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