Lola Belle

Lola Belle
Born 05/28/10 @ 11:11pm
7lbs   19 1/4in

Bill, Kyla and I are so excited to announce the birth of our Baby girl! I was induced with Cervidil on 05/28/10 @9am. There was a 50/50 chance this method would induce labor. Between 2-4 hours after insertion of the suppository cramps are supposed to start then 4-6 hours contractions should start etc... Both 2,4 & 6 hours flew by and still nothing!! Everyone was pretty confident I would be there for quite sometime and would probably have to be given pitocin. THEN at about 3:30 the contractions started! They were very mild and everything progressed very quickly. At about 7 the contractions were almost unbearable but I thought it was still to early for an epidural. Within an hour I was shaking from the pain and requested an epidural. Unfortunately the anesthesiologist was already requested by another patient so they said I needed to wait for about 30-45min. Finally at around 9 the anesthesiologist, Dr. Gordon, came in and administered the epidural. I was blown away by how amazing he was! I could feel and move my legs and feel every contraction but not the pain. After the epidural was in place the nurse checked me and I was at 6cm when I was 3cm right before the epidural! At about 10pm I told the nurse I could feel a lot of pressure and it felt like the baby was going to slip out. She checked me and I was 10cm. Dr. Ramos was with another patient so I had to hold on tight, literally! Dr. Ramos came into our room at around 10:30 and with a few short pushes Lola was born at 11:11! Everything went smoothly but the nurse and my Ob said it was very good we induced on Friday. My labs showed my platelet's were low and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated, which is a sign of preeclampsia. Other then the labs coming back sightly abnormal I felt great and Lola was perfectly healthy!

Waiting for Lola's arrival

Lola's first feeding

Mommy, Daddy, Baby and Grandma Marilyn

And Uncle Pete

Big sister Kyla

Grandma and Baby Lola

Daddy helping Kyla hold the baby 


  1. Katie, I'm so glad everything went well! You look great and Lola is beautiful.

  2. i have been dying for details!!!!! i LOVE Lola! her name especially but I felt like I wanted to go back to Berlin's birth all over again! I don't want the contractions though! ick. i am so happy for you. you look adorable breastfeeding by the way :)

    xoxo ali


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